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Thread: uw-imap missing in 11.2?

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    Default uw-imap missing in 11.2?


    I can't find the rpm for uw-imap in 11.2 and I don't succeed in installing from the "Get SuSE" site on

    Any advice?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Default Re: uw-imap missing in 11.2?

    From UW IMAP - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The most recent version of UW IMAP on UW's FTP server is imap-2007e, which has only minor changes from imap-2007b.

    On 4 Aug 2008 the University of Washington Alpine team announced[1] that they would "shift our effort from direct development into more of a consultation and coordination role to help integrate contributions from the community." in the wake of layoffs at the University of Washington's technology division.[2]

    Mark Crispin, the former developer of UW IMAP, announced[3] a fork called Panda IMAP and that "an open source distribution is under consideration."
    Also there's no release at Panda Programming IMAP Home Page , so I think your only chance would be to compile the old (2007) uw-imap, which may not be easy as it's not in the build service - at least I couldn't find it.

    You may fare better with another, more current/supported imap server package.

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    Default Re: uw-imap missing in 11.2?

    Thanks Bruno

    I decided to look for the uw-imap rpm in previous distributions and it is not in 11.1 either. I have thus installed the rpm from 11.0 and it seems to be working.



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