Recently made the switch from 32 bit 11.1 to 11.2 x86_64. After witnessing Amarok 2.x freeze my desktop for 3 minutes at startup I removed it, added the Pacman repo and installed the old 1.4.10 version. It is working fine.

In the old 11.1 install it was similarly configured. In order to change style and color I used kcontrol to apply eye candy configuration to the Amarok "look". I enabled the KDE3 openSUSE repository and installed all kdebase3 packages. Kcontrol executes, but when it comes up there are no options modules loading; the list on the left is completely blank as well as the window on the right.

Anyone know what the deal is with the "new and improved" 11.2 not having a working KDE3 Kcontrol?

Thanks for any hints and whacks with the clue stick.