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    I'm trying to install Novell Client on OS11.2 64bits. I've downloaded the 64bits version of the Novell Client and added the ISO as an installation source.
    It claims it need libbfd-2.19
    It seems to be a part og binutil, but the OpenSUSE-version of binutil doesnt contain libbfd.

    Where can i find libbfd?

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    I had to leave off the .so in Webpin to find it. At least I think that is what you need.

    Index of /distribution/11.2/repo/oss/suse
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    see this post Installing Novell Client on 11.2 - openSUSE Forums

    and follow post #7 . Although it does work, well somewhat work ,the client functionality as a whole is not to great (on gnome 2.28 / 11.2 not sure about kde).

    Even for sle the binutils version was 2.20 so I had to go to rpmbone or some other place, seriously silly. Its more trouble than its worth. I just went back to ncpmount until novell can provide a clean functioning client for its own *free* linux distribution. SO LOL.

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