I dont know if this is the correct thread location, please redirect if I am wrong...

I have always complained about the amount of RAM MS uses just at idle, but on a whim I decided to look over my box after installing another gig of ram. I am using 1.2Gb of RAM just sitting on a OpenSuSE 11.1 64 bit system.

System Spec's
AMD 64 bit dual core 4200+
2GB RAM 1x1GB & 2x512MB set in single channel mode at 64bit @ 333 DDR
(I was running 1GB with 2x512MB dual channel 128bit @ 333 DDR)
SATA Baracuda 200GB HD

Now after turning off vmware from starting during boot (in both cases no VM Machines running) and a reboot of my 11.1 64bit machine I am now using 750MB and just under 400MB in Application. Even still, when I boot to 10.3 32bit, I sit at 512MB with just under 300MB in Application usage.

Whats going on? I dont expect my primary machine to beable to run on 64MB of ram, but the 11.1 system seems kinda bloated.

Is this to be expected?
Are there any good doc's to fine tune my system of un-needed services?
Will 11.2 change for the better/worst?
Should I consider going back to 32bit OS? My 64bit system has done everything I needed it too do.

The only reason this came up, my wife needs a windows machine to proof read her school work before sending it. And when it looks proper in OpenOffice, Opened in MS Office, the format is messed up. Which is why I needed a VM. But with only 1GB ram, my box slowed down too much.

Any Thoughts,