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Thread: Mount Windows Drive in Write Mode

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    Question Mount Windows Drive in Write Mode

    Hi, I am a new player in this Linux world. This is also my first post. So please excuse my ignorance.

    I have install 11.2 version with dual boot option with WinXp. During installation I selected to mount the windows drive in /windows/C folder. Now the mounted drive in read only if I login as a regular used. from command prompt I can login as root and write on the drive. What needs to be changed to make the drive writable for regular used. I could not find that option in the /etc/fstab file.

    I would appreciate any help on this and thanks in advance.

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    I do not know which editor you have, I will use "mcedit" for the example (you can install "mc" from YaST).

    open terminal, and type:
    #sudo mcedit /etc/fstab

    find a line where your windows partition is mounted (you will see the line where near end, it is writen "ntfs-3g").

    After "ntfs-3g" you will have bunch of parameters, and at the end you will have " 0 0"
    Change bunch of parameters to "default", so your line, after "ntfs-3g" looks like "default 0 0"

    Save it and reboot. You will now have write access.
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    Isn't it 'defaults'?

    [Welcome, by the way!]

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    Your fstab should look like the below. If it does not, then update and reboot.

    You can reach fstab like this -- go to Yast2 -- open Partitioner -- dual click on NTFS partition -- click on Edit -- click on fstab options at the bottom (your "mount partition" should be checked).

    fstab options for ntfs in partitioner:

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    I tried the Yast2 way and it worked like a charm. Thanks for the great help.

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