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Thread: i'm trying to understand the sax2 tool

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    Default i'm trying to understand the sax2 tool

    I'm switching between nv driver to nouveau. Now the command sax2 -a -m 0 X=nouveau, the syntax might be correct. If so, I still don't really understand the -m switch. When I man sax2, it said card X=module, what is card stand for, 0 meaning the first card and so on. X means X as short for XORG. A bit more explanation would be great

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    Default Re: i'm trying to understand the sax2 tool

    0 is the first card, 1 the second and so on. So you are saying via -m, for the first card use the nouveau module. If you had more cards it would probably be something like:

    -m 0 X=nouveau,1 X=ati

    and so on, per man page. Rather odd syntax I must say.

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    Default Re: i'm trying to understand the sax2 tool

    Thanks, so X plays no significance, why just not -m 0=nouveau.

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    Default Re: i'm trying to understand the sax2 tool

    While you are waiting for a sax2 guru to explain it breifly, this may help a bit with your question. This is taken from SDB Server Configuration with SaX2 (8.1 or Higher) - openSUSE

     Sax2 offers a number of possibilities to circumvent possible problems with various parameters. The most important options are as follows: 
     sax2 -p         =  Interprets the Bus and lists all cards recognized as
            graphics cards.
    sax2 -b         =  Batch mode. /usr/X11R6/lib/sax/profile/
                contains a series of profiles you can use to start SaX2.
            To select the profile, you must enter the complete path, e.g.:
            sax2 -b /usr/X11R6/lib/sax/profile/kyro
    sax2 -r         =    It reads all hardware again.
    sax2 -l         =    Starts Sax2 with 640*480@60Hz. DDC probing is
            disabled. This option is very helpful in case your
            monitor shuts down as Sax2 starts or your screen is
    sax2 -m 0=   =  This option chain informs SaX2 which module to use
                    at start-up for addressing the graphics card.
            For example: sax2 -m 0=r128
                    loads the module for ATI Rage-128 cards.
            All modules available for XFree 4.x.x are listed
            under /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/drivers/
            apm          ark        ati
            atimisc          chips        cirrus_alpine
            cirrus          cirrus_laguna    cyrix
            dummy          fbdev        glide
            glint          i128        i740
            i810          imstt        mga
            mga_hal          neomagic        nv
            powervr          r128        radeon
            rendition     s3        s3virge
            savage          siliconmotion    sis
            tdfx          tga        trident
            tseng          vesa        vga
    sax2 -c    CHIP =  If your system contains several graphics cards or
            several graphics cards are detected, this option enables
            you to define the chipset to configure when
            you do not want to configure a dual or multihead system. For
            The output of sax2 -p is:
        Chip: 0  is -> ATI Rage 128 PF  01:00:0 0x1002 0x5046 AGP r128
        Chip: 1  is -> ATI Rage 128 PF  01:01:0 0x1002 0x5046 AGP r128
                To perform the configuration, start SaX2 as follows:
            sax2 -c 0
    sax2 -n -t   =    If the mouse detection causes any problem, you can start SaX2
            with certain parameters that determine the mouse device and its
            protocol. These are defined with the options -n (node) and -t
            A sample command could be:
            sax2 -n /dev/usbmouse -t ps/2
    sax2 --vesa  =  Starting from version sax2-4.7-237, SaX2 enables you to use
                    the option --vesa to directly start SaX2 with any resolution
                    with VESA frequencies.
                    For example:
                      sax2 --vesa 0:1024x768@85
            The screen to be configured is defined by 0:.
            When combined with -a, it provides an XF86Config within a
                    few seconds.
    sax2 -a         =  The option -a or --auto generates an automatic
            configuration under consideration of all hardware
            data automatically detected by SaX2. Following the
            launch of "sax2 -a", you can start the graphical
            user interface immediately and adjust the image with
            xfine or restart SaX2 to modify the
            existing configuration. xfine requires
            root permissions.
            You can also combine options, for example:
            sax2 -m 0=r128 -n /dev/psaux -t imps/2 -a
    It is also possible that a driver included in your SUSE LINUX version can support certain graphics card types but cannot recognize the graphics card ID. In this case, execute the command 
     echo "Device->[X]->Raw->0->ChipID=0x4966" > /tmp/sax2.batch
    When executing this command, do not forget to replace ChipID with your own. Then start SaX2 with 
     sax2 -m 0=DRIVER -b /tmp/sax2.batch
    DRIVER must also be replaced with the module supporting your graphics card.
    If you run sax2 --help the return for m option is like this
    [ -m | --modules ]
    comma seperated list of X-Server modules
    for example: -m 0=mga,1=nv

    Opps I'm too late with my post, there is a guru who already answered your question. Looks like someone put this image in my post.
    People who do not break things first will never learn to create anything

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    Default Re: i'm trying to understand the sax2 tool

    Quote Originally Posted by lhorace View Post
    Thanks, so X plays no significance, why just not -m 0=nouveau.
    Ah, it looks like the man page is badly written. card X is to be substituted with 0, 1, etc. You are not meant to type in a literal X. So the correct invocation is as you have just suggested. I think it's because it's actually card_X in the man page, but the rendering of the output on a terminal negates the underscore on the screen so it looks like space. If you could please file a bug on the man page for this. card_X should be changed to N or something like that, and an example given with 0 and 1, to make it clearer.

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    Default Re: i'm trying to understand the sax2 tool

    Yeah, sax2 complained, wrong module syntax

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