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Thread: zypper install and /var/cache/zypp

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    Default zypper install and /var/cache/zypp

    There are sub-folders in /var/cache/zypp.
    Each folder is for each repository.
    How can i reduce too many sub-folders?

    If i make a directory in /var/cache/zypp/packages and keep all packages are in that directory then if i run zypper in <packagename>, will it work?

    And how to see all packages from cache easily?

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    Default Re: zypper install and /var/cache/zypp

    You could maybe do it with symlinks. But honestly - that's an integral part of the system...

    This is a bit like opening up your car bonnet and saying "Right! I want the fan-belt to be over there!"

    It might be doable, but... You're probably best off not trying, unless you really know what you're doing... And if you're asking how, you probably don't know what you're doing.

    find /var -name '*.rpm' 2>/dev/null
    should do it....

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