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Thread: KHexEdit vs Okteta

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    Default KHexEdit vs Okteta

    I just recently "upgraded" to opensuse11.2

    I am a littl disappointed because I can't find one my favorite apps, khexedit.

    It seems to be replaced by Okteta, which I find to be lacking. The biggest feature that I miss is the ability to specify the number of columns displayed. In khexedit, you could specify 132 columns, and it would line the bytes up in lines of 132, and I could use the horizontal scrollbar to go back and forth. It was REALLY useful for looking at telemetry data.

    Okteta seems to do some sort of dynamic layout, and I can't find any way to set the line length to what I want.

    Am I just missing something? Anyone else notice this? I know there is ghexedit, but it is nowhere as nearly polished as khexedit.

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    Default Re: KHexEdit vs Okteta

    Well - I don't know if it is bad form to reply to myself, but I still think that KHexEdit is superior to Okteta.

    I am running openSuse 11.2, and I noticed in the software management area there is a "Webpin Search". I typed in the search term "kdeutils3-extra" and there it was! (This is the package that contains KHexEdit) Installation was a snap, and now I have my favorite hex editor again! Yay!

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