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Thread: Kate does not save settings

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    Default Kate does not save settings

    KDE 4.3.4

    Settings changed in Kate Settings -Configure are not permanent. While they seem to be written into katerc they are not read back on restart and katerc is somehow overwitten with the default settings.

    This is a pain as I use many of the plugins and other custom settings.

    What can I do ?


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    Default Re: Kate does not save settings

    What type of setting are you changing? Is is a plugin setting, or standard Kate setting? For example, if you disable / enable the file backup on save setting, does that persist?

    Are you using multiple sessions? Or does it also happen we you have a single session?
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    Default Re: Kate does not save settings

    To resolve this issue, I now save my changes as 'default session' and on start up reload 'last used session'.This now reads the correctly saved katerc file.


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