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Thread: OpenSUSE and MS core fonts

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    Default OpenSUSE and MS core fonts

    I have just tried installing the new OS which eventually failed but still left me with one question:

    After installing the system I ran system update and was told I have one package to install, the MS core fonts. This seemed a little odd to me as I understood that the ATI drivers I wanted to use are not on the official repository as they're non-free.
    My question is why it's acceptable to include the MS core fonts (which most other distros don't consider as free) while not including something much more useful like fglrx (which the same most other distros don't consider as free)?

    I would just like to make it clear that I'm not trying to attack OpenSUSE, I am really only curious since the lack of easily installed fglrx drivers is what made me give up on OpenSUSE (and yes, I know I'm not a big loss to the OpenSUSE community, or any other community, but it might affect others).

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    Default Re: OpenSUSE and MS core fonts

    The key word is "included". The MS core fonts aren't included in openSUSE (that is, they aren't shipped on the CD or DVD), there is a script that automatically selects them for download from the non-oss repository the first time the Software Manager is run. It also selects a number codecs as well. It is designed to make it easier to install the most commonly needed proprietary packages to view and play media.

    The ATI (and Nvidia) drivers are a completely different beast, which is why they aren't included in the non-oss repository. In fact, both have their own repositories which can be added through the Yast Software Repositories module, and once added, make installing the drivers just as easy as any other package (that is, if everything works the way it should).

    On a related note, did you try using the methods outlined at to install your driver?
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    Default Re: OpenSUSE and MS core fonts

    ATI has and perhaps always will be **** in linux i think, heck its **** in windows too.
    Why AMD ever decide to buy them out I dont know but ATI seriously hurts its rep.

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    Default Re: OpenSUSE and MS core fonts

    Quote Originally Posted by TaraIkeda View Post
    ATI has and perhaps always will be **** in linux i think, heck its **** in windows too.
    Why AMD ever decide to buy them out I dont know but ATI seriously hurts its rep.
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    Default Re: OpenSUSE and MS core fonts

    Thanks for your replies.

    srschifano: the word included might have been the wrong choice. I know they were not included since they were offered without me asking (not a bad thing) the same can go for fglrx. I'd include video drivers in the list that are crucial for users.
    Yes, I did have a look at that HOWTO page:
    This is for openSUSE 11.1. [...] I might take until two months that ATI uploads the newest drivers
    not that this deters me since I can download and install the drivers directly from ATI -- have done it before, it's just the first update broke what little of X that was working.

    TaraIkeda: ATI cards are not perfect but my experience with their cards is not as bad as what I hear about other people's experience. Anyway, that's not the point of my question. I have ATI because Lenovo decided to put ATI on the ThinkPad I wanted and if I didn't have two external screens I would use the Intel GPU since I can switch between the two. Although, from what I read, Intel GPUs have/had their issues as well...

    Axeia: At first I thought you were being sarcastic with a link to something about AMD producing a bobcat and a bulldozer.

    Thanks again to all of you.

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