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Thread: Skype and Flash only mutually exclusive

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    Default Skype and Flash only mutually exclusive

    Hi all,

    everything worked, but.. I upgraded to 11.2. Now only sound either in skype or flash is working.

    In both cases I get:

    pulseaudio[3528]: alsa-sink.c: Error opening PCM device front:0: Device or resource busy

    Any ideas how can I fix it?

    (I'm using latest beta skype for linux)


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    Default Re: Skype and Flash only mutually exclusive

    Does anybody has an idea how skype and flash are using audio devices?

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    Default Re: Skype and Flash only mutually exclusive

    I've upgraded to openSuse 11.2 on 4 (!!!) computers and this problem is perfectly reproducible!

    So.. I've spent the whole night resolving this issue and found out some other details.

    I think the problem is Flash Player. It does not use sound device through Pulseaudio that's why blocks sound somehow. If I have sound in youtube I dont have it in Amarok and Skype. But Skype and Amarok can co-exist perfectly together.

    I've intalled pavucontrol and there I can see sound levels if skype or amarok are using sound. But I can see nothing if flash player does.

    Do you guys have the same problem?! I do not understand why can't I found anything in the forums.. since as I already said: on 4 computers I can reproduce this after upgrade from 11.1 to 11.2

    Hope to hear ANY ideas,


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    Default Re: Skype and Flash only mutually exclusive


    I'm very sorry to hear about your predicament. Are you doing actual upgrades on these computers or are you fresh installing? I have a fresh install of 11.2 and I can use both youtube and amarok at the same time. I don't have pulseaudio installed though. Just thought I'd at least try to shed some light here.

    Take Care,

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    Default Re: Skype and Flash only mutually exclusive


    thanks for your suggestion! However problem is Pulseaudio. So if you do not have it installed everything should work.

    Just some minutes ago I've found a solution..

    ALSA_CONFIG_PATH=/etc/alsa-pulse.conf firefox

    Now, flash uses Pulseaudio! I wonder why is it not set by default?!



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