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Thread: missing TV app, KdeTV

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    Default missing TV app, KdeTV

    Hi @ll.

    This weekend I've installed suse 11.2 over HTTP, since NFS doesn't seems to work.

    I've noticed some things...

    There is no KDETV present, in the normal repository??

    When I search in Yast, then I'll get only a language bundle.
    with the language modules for kdetv, but no kdetv itself to be found.

    I've tried other TV programs, like XawTV, but then there's something broken. I'm not able to search for any channel.

    With the yast > TV-Card configurator, there I can find my TV card, but I'm not able to find any of the channels.

    I'm back to suse 11.1, with this release there are no problems what so ever.

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    Default Re: missing TV app, KdeTV

    Try tvtime, xawtv and motv. They are working fine on my PC with the folowing card:
    04:01.0 Multimedia controller: Philips Semiconductors SAA7130 Video Broadcast Decoder, set as card=3.

    You can download them form the DVD or
    Also Install v4l-tools.
    What is not working on OSL 11.2 is kdetv.
    I also had to install some kde3 rpms.

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