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Thread: dire assistance needed.

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    Default dire assistance needed.

    i live in a windows dominated society where linux is virtually unheard of. I live in Zimbabwe, Africa and hepl and support for openSuSE is virtually unavailable.

    I installed the basic (i think) SuSE11.1 from a disc that my friend got me. We do not have decent internet here, so I've been battling to download and update much of the stuff I've been finding. I'm teaching myself this so you can imagine the frustration.

    Please help. Ideas and contributions will be VERY welcome.

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    Default Re: dire assistance needed.

    The install DVD (was it a DVD?) Has loads of software on it. You can manage it from Yast - Software Management.
    If your internet is limited you might want to disable the On-line repositories and just leave the DVD to supply the software. Disable via Yast - Software repositories.

    In Yast Software Management you can filter the view. Perhaps try Patterns or Package Groups.
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