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Thread: Messed up Kgpg-Gnupg

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    Question Messed up Kgpg-Gnupg

    After installing SUSE 11.2 without any problems I have succeeded in messing up Kgpg-gnupg to the point that it won't even load when triggered via the Kicker in KDE4.
    De-installing and re-installing Kgpg: no result.
    On de-installing gnupg there is a warning that : openSUSE-build-key-1.0-4.5.noarch requires gpg but this requirement can not be provided". This looks like a serious problem to me. In addition, some 120 other modules will be de-installed - which will have consequences impossible to foresee.
    This is going above my head, so I did not de-install gnupg.
    Obviously, after 4 days of use and tailoring I am very reluctant to do a complete new installation of 11.2.
    Is there a way to force re-installation of gnupg without first de-installing?

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    I have same issue, i.e. kgpg won't start from kde kickoff/classic run menu.

    However, from now on, I manage to run it from terminal session with command "kgpg -k". Before doing this, I suggest to verify if you have any kgpg still running and kill it, if any.

    You can display more help with "kgpg --help-all" or "kgpg --help-kde".

    BTW, does someone know how to get into the property of kgpg in kde kickoff run menu. I want to change the command line to "/usr/bin/kgpg -k" instead of "/usr/bin/kgpg".

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    Thank you for this, don't know how you figured it out... :-) It was driving me nuts...

    As for YOUR question, kmenuedit lets you edit the properties and arguments of the kickoff items:

    Thanks again.

    Cheers, Andy

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