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Thread: No Rekall in openSUSE-11.2

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    Default No Rekall in openSUSE-11.2

    I have been using the database front end software Rekall about 6 year by now, and developed considerable application procedures.

    Unfortunately, Rekall is not now available in the repository for the newly released version 11.2. Any attempt to install the previous version, or to recompile it, failed.

    Does anybody know whether this very useful package will be available again in the not too distant future?

    Any information about this will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks for any relevant answer.

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    Default Re: No Rekall in openSUSE-11.2

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    Default Re: No Rekall in openSUSE-11.2

    Thanks for pointing me to

    I have been downloading and testing this with RC1, RC2 and now with final version 11.2.

    I can install Rekall, I can start it, connect to a mysql database and I can create and run queries. I can also create a simple form and display data. But it does not run any pyton script. I get error messages like:

    can not load time module
    can not load module RekallMain
    can not load module RekallPYDBI

    and others.

    I have computers with openSUSE version 10.3 and 11.0 where Rekall runs fine. They have python 2.5 installed, while the new version 11.2 has python 2.6.

    I have tried to compile Rekall on the new system, but was not successful.

    Does anybody know a workaround to get Rekall finally working?
    Will a newly compiled version be made available later?

    Looking forward to some reply.

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