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Thread: XKB configuration in 11.2

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    Question XKB configuration in 11.2

    What's the proper way to configure XKB in OpenSuse 11.2?

    Old xorg.conf method isn't proper now, due to HAL usage. For example, in ubuntu this configuration done by editing /etc/default/console-setup.

    The only way i've found is to use setxkbmap directly or modify /etc/hal/fdi/policy/20thirdparty/11-keymap.fdi. But, i believe, there should be another more elegant way.

    P.S. Also, it's possible to set it settings using gconftool-2 utility, but it's usable only if gnome-settings-daemon used.

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    Question Re: XKB configuration in 11.2

    Does openSuSe read this forum? Or i should use bugtracker to contact them?

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