Hi All,

Anyone else notice that if you go to www.opensuse.org, click on
the 'Discover it' link, click on the 'Create an account or log in' link in
the top right, Log in (to the openSUSE wiki), then click on the 'Forums'
link on the left, you're taken to these forums but not logged in?
Additionally, when I click on the 'Register/Login' link (again in the top
right) I'm taken to the rather bizarre url of
(http://forums.opensuse.org//) yes, two slashes at the end and nothing

Happened on 11.1 KDE 3.5 with both firefox 3.5.4 and Konqueror (whatever the
hell version of konqueror kde 3.5 used) and on 11.2 using firefox 3.5.5.

I know, I know, what a convoluted way to get to the forums but sometimes
(depending on how many I've had in a given night) I accidentally click on
log on before making my way to the forums then I have to close the browser
and start over.

Of course this doesn't happen with the NNTP interface