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Thread: Pidgin keyring

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    ChristianFbg NNTP User

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    if you could read German language, you could check this solution.
    Pidgin und Passworteingabe beim Standardschluesselbund nervt

    I will try to translate the essential things:

    1. change to homedir of the current user
    2. change to folder .gnome2
    3. delete the folder keyrings
    4. start pidgin
    5. configure your account
    6. if keyring is asking for password, leave the fields empty and click "ok"
    7. there shouldn't be a password question dialog after that when starting pidgin

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    Talking Re: Pidgin keyring

    It (apparently) worked!!!


    (both because... well, i've done both suggestions in the same act hehehe )

    Worked like a charm

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    Could anyone tell me if keyring support is in default pidgin package or this is feature from novell? I'm a bit frustrated, because I'm still testing new suse, and I don't want moving my whole profile to new home directory. I want to have possibility to quick switching from one system to another, so for most apps I created symlinks from one home directory to second, but pidgin-2.6.2-2.1 in openSUSE 11.1 store passwords as clear text in .purple/accounts.xml, and current version - pidgin-2.6.2-3.4.3 uses keyring.
    Are there any package that don't use keyring?

    Sorry for english and thanks in advance, Matthew.

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    I don't know that one!

    But i have another question: Why ain't pidgin saving my passwords anymore?!?!

    Funny question, hum?!?!

    (I've made some updates recently. Can they be causing this?)

    The thing is that i'm already tired of laughing so much over the same thing

    Can anyone give me (again) a hand whit this?? (i'm beginning to understand why pidgin isn't shipping on Opensuse by default...)

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