A few days ago when I still had 11.1, I installed Virtualbox and installed an iso of Ubunut 9.10. It worked but was kind of slow and wouldn't go to full screen. The next day, when I tried to find Virtualbox, I couldn't find it. But I did find Xen. So I installed it. When I tried to mount the Ubuntu 9.10 iso, Xen would have an unnamed error while installing. When I tried to start Virtualbox, Xen would say there was no kernal found.

Will someone give me some easy-for-a-noob-to-follow directions on how to best get Unbuntu 9.10 on a virtual machine in 11.2?

Any help will be appreciated, Thank you.

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Intel Pentium III (Coppermine); processors: 0 and 1; cpu MHz: 996.908; cache: 256 KB;** clflush: 32; RAM 512; Graphics Card: Nvidia RIVA TNT2/TNT2 Pro; (/dev/sda)OpenSUSE 11.2;nv driver; (KDE desktop); Ffx 3.5.4, Konqueror;* (/dev/sdb) PCLINUXOS 2009; nVidia driver version: 71.86.06; (KDE, GNOME, XFCE desktops); Ffx 3.5.3; Konqueror 3.5.4.