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Thread: Virtualbox in open Suse 11.1

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    Default Virtualbox in open Suse 11.1

    Hello all,

    hope someone can help me.

    Im a rookie and trying to install VirtualBox to have a backup system (windows) in case I need some applications.

    Im running open Suse 11.1, Gnome, fresh installation.

    With Yast I have installed everything available for and from Virtualbox (OSE Emulator, kernel modules, drivers for mouse and video)
    It shows up in my Installed applications, but if I try to start it from Applications window, nothing happens.

    Same when I try to start over xterm /var/run/VirtualBox# ./vboxnet

    No errors or such, simply nothing happens.
    (rights have been changed to root rwx and executed with root).

    Does anyone have an idea?



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    Default Re: Virtualbox in open Suse 11.1

    To me it seems that you haven't added yourself to the vboxusers group.
    Now you don't mention if you have installed the OSE or PUEL version of VirtualBox, I would recomend installing the PUEL version, you can download that from But, and thats a strong but, if you really are that new to openSUSE, I strongly recommend you to wait for the release of 11.2, which will be on thursday this week, it will make life with VirtualBox a lot easier, so my advice is, have some patience. If you still have problems after installing openSUSE 11.2 and VirtualBox PUEL version feel free to return. And note, my experience is that the 11.1 version of VirtualBox from the Sun download site works fine with openSUSE 11.2, later we will have a 11.2 version, even better.
    And of course Welcome to the forum!

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    mail_mar NNTP User

    Default Re: Virtualbox in open Suse 11.1

    Thanks for your reply. I think Ill wait for the release of 11.2, if it makes my life easier and come back if there are any issues.

    Kind regards,


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