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Thread: Add widgets only to Widget dashboard

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    Default Add widgets only to Widget dashboard


    This might look as a dumb question, but... how do I add widget only to the widget layer?

    I would like to have different widgets on my desktop and when pressing CTRL+F12 other Widgets would appear?

    Im sure this should be possible, I havent found out how yet!

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Add widgets only to Widget dashboard

    Don't know if I understand well: you want widgets in the 'Folder View' widgets? There is no such thing as the widget layer. KDE4 is all plasma, which could roughly be described as one big widget layer.

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    Default Re: Add widgets only to Widget dashboard

    I suspect that by "widget layer" he means the plasma dashboard. It is possible, since KDE 4.3 at least, to install widgets/plasmids to that layer only (i.e. they won't appear on the ordinary desktop). To do that, click the cashew, unlock widgets, panel settings, and something like (from memory) "Separate desktop for dashboard".

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