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Thread: Chinese pinyin annotation (transcription)

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    Question Chinese pinyin annotation (transcription)

    I am looking for help with Chinese.I am a student and quite often I need Chinese pinyin transcription for characters in Open Office.

    Currently I use standard OO transcription option. Although it provides me with nice interface it does not give any automatic transcription, so I have to look up the dictionary and input pinyin transcription manualy, which definitle is not an easy and fast way inputting huge ammount of pinyin transcriptions.

    I know that in M$ Office there is support for automatic transcription, there are some also available on the web, like this one:
    Pinyin Annotator - Adds Pinyin to Chinese Text / 拼音标注器 - 标拼音

    What do I need is:
    1) Any way of making automatic transcription of sentences (not single characters\words) in Chinese in OO
    2) OR any sowtware that is able to translate Chinese sentences (not single characters\words) in pinyin form.

    I would be grateful for any help!

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    I think you'll have better luck at Open Office's web forums.

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    And what's wrong with web tools? If you don't like that one, try Chinese Text Annotation - MandarinSpot
    Also, if it doesn't do what you want, try giving feedback.

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    Hello Kolyanoid,

    In OpenOffice there is the Asian Phonetic Guide, but it doesn't fill in the pinyin automatically. So I recently started a project to fill the gap. It's called "OO Pinyin Guide": oopinyinguide | Get oopinyinguide at

    It's still in an early stage (pre-alpha), so don't expect a "perfect" translation ;-)

    It is based on the CEDICT dictionary and tries to find the longest match in the dictionary. Some features are still missing. I'm working on it.



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