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Thread: How to remove kde3 based applications?

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    Question How to remove kde3 based applications?

    It's kde4.
    But there are two konqueror frome application menu>Internet>browser
    a)konqueror for kde3
    b)konqueror for kde4

    How would i remove konqueror for kde3 ?

    There are also two kwrite, one for kde3 and other for kde4.

    How would i remove kde3 applications completely?

    Is there any command ?

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    Default Re: How to remove kde3 based applications?

    YaST > Software > Software management. Type the name in the Search field, Search and decide which from those indicated that they are installed you want to deinstall. Click right on their box with the V and choose Remove. Finish.

    In other words, the normal way to remove packages.
    Henk van Velden

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