I try to run Xen 3 Dom0 OS 11.1 on my PC but i have every times the same problem.

Xen3 Dom0 OS11.1 don't boot but OS11.1 without Xen boot fine.

I have almost the same error :
ata1.00 exception Emask 0x0 Sact 0x0 Serr 0x0 ... frozen


ata1.00 failed to IDENTIFY I/O error ....

I have SATA disk with intel ICH6 controleur on MSI915P/G motherboard.

I search everywhere but i find no solution to my problem.

What can you do ?

I try any linux boot parameters like irqpoll, noacpi....
Nothing, i have again the same error (sometimes i have ... disable IRQ19 .. I/O error ....).

Someone can help me ?