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Thread: Lotus Notes doesn't render GUI properly

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    Default Lotus Notes doesn't render GUI properly

    Does anyone have Lotus Notes running properly on 11.2RC2 (and RC1)? This is actually the only real showstopper for me, as other issues have some workarounds.

    IBM Lotus Notes 8.5

    Release 8.5 FP1
    Revision 20090716.2050-FP1 (Release 8.5)
    Standard Configuration

    I'm running KDE, but not sure if that's related to this problem.
    Davor Čengija

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    Default Re: Lotus Notes doesn't render GUI properly

    It seems that Ubuntu people have the same problem, and the solution is described here:

    Lotus Notes 8.5 on Kubuntu 9.10 Beta - Ubuntu Forums

    Now Lotus Notes works, but looks ugly, though.
    Davor Čengija

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    Default Re: Lotus Notes doesn't render GUI properly

    Find out "older versions" of :

    where 1400.4 <= nnnn.m <= 1800.1

    for instance on a openSuSE 11.1

    Copy the following files into the /opt/ibm/lotus/notes, with the following commands:
    $ cp /usr/lib/ /opt/ibm/lotus/notes/
    $ cp /usr/lib/ /opt/ibm/lotus/notes/
    $ cp /usr/lib/ /opt/ibm/lotus/notes/
    $ cp /usr/lib/ /opt/ibm/lotus/notes/

    where nnnn.m is the subversion you found on the openSuSE 11.1 (should be 1400.4)

    Take also a look at all these dependencies :

    IBM - Notes 8.5 - Required Linux packages and updates ( This is to have Notes not looking ugly...)
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