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    Leoche NNTP User

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    Hello everybody, I am in an e-business french university, and i chased to make a presentation about coopetition.
    So I decided to talk about the synergy between Microsoft and Novell =>OpenSuse.

    I have some questions about this collaboration, and I hope you'll help me ...

    - How do they work together and why did they do this collaboration ?
    - What are the barriers and the problems faced ?
    - Why Microsoft is investing ?
    - What about management ?
    How do both of the teams work together ?
    How do you develop the code, who is the link between your needs and microsoft ones ?

    - What is the strategy at court, medium and long term for the project ?
    - What is the budget that will support this strategy ?
    - What is the customer target of this project ?
    - What is the environment where you are evolving ?

    - What type of information systems are you using to support your business? (collaborative work, data exchange)

    - Why did you choose this specific
    information system to support your business processes?

    I know there is a lot of questions, but, in advance, Thank you

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    Hi ,

    Have you seen the following website ?

    Interoperability and Virtualization Solutions From the Novell and Microsoft Partnership

    This should give you most of the answers you want. With spin of course...


    Linux and BSD solutions

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    Though quite a lot of users on this forum will have business experience, those who are using the products you are interested in are also likely to be found on the SLED and SLES forums. Have you tried a post there?

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    On Mon, 02 Nov 2009 09:06:02 +0000, Leoche wrote:

    > Microsoft and Novell =>OpenSuse.

    The lion's share of the collaboration agreement is more about Novell's
    business products (including SLES and SLED) than about openSUSE - it
    really isn't accurate to frame openSUSE as a result of the collaboration
    agreement between Novell and Microsoft.

    However, openSUSE (and arguably other distributions) can and do benefit
    from aspects of the collaboration that's taking place.

    Jim Henderson
    openSUSE Forums Moderator

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