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    Default New YAST

    Noticed an update to YAST today to fix synchs from left to right screens in different languages.

    Which had me asking myself how having all the YAST modules listed in the right pane regardless of which section is selected in the left is any easier?

    And as I worry about talking to myself I thought I'd repeat the question here.

    Didn't it make more sense to select the section (e.g. Software or Network Services) and then just have those modules listed? Or am I just getting to be a grumpy old *** and too set in my ways? Or have I missed a release note or other forum thread somewhere?


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    Default Re: New YAST

    It's been like this for some time. In fact kde4 users who are running Factory in 11.1 will have it as part of the new QT packages.
    But I agree. The old view made more sense.
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    Default Re: New YAST

    +one for ignz. I am running 10.3, but testing 11.2 RC2 and was a bit lost. I can live with it, but to me it really isn't the invention of the year. I scroll easly out of the intended group of subjects into another one. In fact I wonder what the real usage of the left panel is now.
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    agreed, the new layout of the main yast2 module is pointedly redundant, but i'm sure it made sense to someone (maybe i'm missing something).

    one thing i expected to see was a choice of single or double click mouse selection. As some might remember, for a brief time in factory, double click was implemented (surprised me) then pulled out and i expected that an attempt would be made to embrace those converting from "other OS's".

    the tabbed interface for software management is much more useful for me, kudos to all connected with it.

    (sad note: rpm v4.7.1 seems to have lost the rpm -e --repackage option.... dang)

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