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Thread: ThinkPad t42 fingerprint

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    Unhappy ThinkPad t42 fingerprint

    Hello everybody,
    I've installed opensuse to my thinkpad t42, but fingerprint reader doesn't work at all: i've searched all mans for it but the problem isn't solved, i'm so tired and i want to sleep...pleese help
    tf-tool doen't seem to be installed

    P.S. My english is not so well, sorry

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    leokarsky NNTP User

    Default Re: ThinkPad t42 fingerprint

    If anyone knows russian please use it
    Если кто нибудь знает русский пишите на нем пожалуйста

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    Default Re: ThinkPad t42 fingerprint

    Have a look here Integrated Fingerprint Reader - ThinkWiki. If you are not already using it the Thinkwiki is a great resource for Thinkpads. My TP doesn't have a fingerprint reader, so I have not had to set one up. Hope that is of some help.
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    Default Re: ThinkPad t42 fingerprint

    Dwarfer99, thanks a lot
    Think wiki is great resource, but tf-tool can not be installed, I don't know why
    Compiling it from binary do nothing

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