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Thread: Managing AD on openSUSE

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    Default Managing AD on openSUSE

    Well, some joker over here talked on and on about the "advantages" of a Windows server (HA!! What an idiot.) to the boss here and now this Linux-driven IT Director has to go Windows Active Directory for Domain Controller and Resource Sharing. I am an MCSE, so setting that up is no problem, the problem comes from managing the Windows server from here on my Linux workstation. I could just setup VNC on the server and do it that way, but I just was wondering if there were good native linux apps that can work like Microsoft Management Console and just yank the snap-ins and remote administer the server. I haven't used Windows since NT 4.0, and that joker that sold the boss on going Windows isn't even working here anymore. I was going to set it up as a SLES Samba PDC, with virtulization for application hosting; and now I am worried that I might have to give up linux on my workstation for ease of server management. Anyone with insight, please help, and talking the boss out of Windows is no longer an option.

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    On Fri, 30 Oct 2009 22:26:01 +0000, joshaoi wrote:

    > Anyone with insight, please help, and talking the boss out
    > of Windows is no longer an option.

    I haven't tried it, but you might see if MMC runs under WINE....


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    I don know if MMC in Wine will, I never tried it.
    Anyway, you don't have to setup VNC on the Windows server. You can use Remote Desktop from your Linux box, I do it that way all the time. If you use KDE use KRDC, the Remote Desktop Client. You can setup an RDP session to the Windows Server, works just like the MS thingy.


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