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Thread: Video display error

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    Angry Video display error

    I am trying to install opensusse 11.1 on an dell inspiron 1100. the install goes perfect until it the installer tries to detect my video card. Once it tries to detect the video card the screen flickers a couple of times and then goes black,the only way to get the display back is to reboot. every time i reboot a screen comes up and say installation is not complete and ask to continue the install. Please help

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    Question Re: Video display error

    does anyone know of a work around for this? Can i install OpenSUSE on the inspiron 1100?

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    Default Re: Video display error

    The Inspiron shipped with an Intel display adapter and the driver that comes with 11.1 is extremely buggy - if possible, wait until 11.2 comes out and it should work, the driver included is vastly newer (and has tons of fixes).

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    Smile Re: Video display error

    Thanks for the info. I will try the beta of 11.2 and see if it will work.

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