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I am copying a PM here from @NicK2oo6. Who has been after advice from me by PM. I have advised the proper use of the forum and so this post from me on his behalf. Be nice to him please;


This a roll back, and it is usually OK to roll back. It may depend how you updated KDE. I usually do an Unconditional update in the kde repo via software management. It can also be affected by repo priority. But I tell you what. I'm going to copy all this in to a thread for you because it's not right that you keep PM'ing me for help. One of the benefits of the forum is the community help.


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Hey, caf, I have done with the start menu icon, thanks.

I updated the KDE and now I have an update (compiz) but it is older that I already have... how to do to don`t show me that I have that update ? I don`t want to show me that I need to update compiz... it`s anoying to see that I have something to update

Chears. Take care and again thanks