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Thread: openSuSE 11.1 - KDE 4 Locking UP!

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    Default openSuSE 11.1 - KDE 4 Locking UP!

    i've installed oS on 3 of my systems. the iBm i've talked about, runs awsome! (now that i have more ram).
    the 3 AMD's ?????
    the one in question is a 2400+ with 1GB and was fine untill today.
    i installed Mplayer from packman and it seemed to work fine. locked up FF once, but i had a lot of tabs going.????
    i also used, for the first time, Quanta plus and had it save my ftp password in kwallet..
    these are the only things different today.
    open apps: gqview, ff, konqueror kde3, dolphin (connected to windows share).
    one of the times i had to reboot, i got the error that DCOP communications error... i atributed this to the dolphin - win share connection?
    konqueror wanted to 'restore' last session, but i said no and said 'ok' to DCOP error..
    everything seemed as norm, but a few nimutes later.. locked solid.
    one more thing, i now have a user login screen when i reboot (boot).. Never before in the history of my using Linux (since 199x) as a workstaion, only servers by design..

    Thank you in advance,
    --// Edit --//
    it was not 'dolphin' that was connected to windows shares, but konqueror 4.1.3 rel 4.10.4..... if that makes any diff..
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