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Thread: Belkin Storage Manager (wireless router)

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    Cool Belkin Storage Manager (wireless router)


    I have just bought a wireless router Belkin N+ with support to storage manager that means a support to external Hard Drive.

    More details placed at: Belkin : N+ Wireless Router

    So the issue is how to configure the storage manager to works in Linux ?

    For Windows and Mac, the product has a SW Installer that does create a virtual network drive that make access to external Hard-Drive. So I really appreciate if someone here could help me out with similar solution or how it can be configured in Linux, I mean on my openSuse 11.1

    Thanks a lot in advance

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    Default Re: Belkin Storage Manager (wireless router)

    Would expect just as if you were trying to mount any other network attached drive.

    The Belkin will probably assign an IP address to the external device (or I suppose may even present as its own).

    So then it just depends on what sort of disk you attach - e.g. if it's a FAT or NTFS formatted drive you mount it like it's a drive on a networked Windows machine; native *nix/Linux fs and nfs should do it.


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