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Thread: Heartbeat Linux-HA RHEL5

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    cbrown7418 NNTP User

    Default Heartbeat Linux-HA RHEL5

    I installed the RHEL 5 Heartbeat package using the server:ha-clustering.repo at Index of /repositories/server:/ha-clustering/RHEL_5

    on a Redhat Enterprise Linux x64 server after configuring and attempting to start the service i recieve the following error.

    heartbeat: ERROR: ERROR: cannot load generic interface manager plugin [InterfaceMgr/generic]: No such plugin/interface/interface type heartbeat: ERROR: Heartbeat not started: module init error.

    Has anyone seen a problem like this?

    I know this is a opensuse community, but since the repo is host here i was hoping for help

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    xuyufei20540 NNTP User

    Default Re: Heartbeat Linux-HA RHEL5

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