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    is there some software i can use to extract the audio from a video, in formats of .mp4, .avi etc and save them as .mp3 preferrably, but .wav would do as well.


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    I would use ffmpeg for that.

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    thanks for the quick reply, i installed it using the 1-click thing and it doesn't appear in my Kmenu, and i tried it using konsole, typed in ffmpeg and got this:

    symbol lookup error: ffmpeg: undefined symbol: avformat_alloc_context

    hmmm mean anything to you?


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    1) ffmpeg is a console application

    2) Installation is obviously not clean, take ffmepg from packman, works for me™

    3) Not enough information to make a decent suggestion


    Another tool would be mencoder

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    If using KDE then PACPL is the lazy man's way. Just click on the video file with the mouse, select the format, and convert.

    PACPL is packaged by packman packagers. Be certain to install as well the PACPL dolphin, and/or konqueror and/or kommander plugin, dependant on the file manager you use.

    Packman web site: PackMan :: Informationen zum Paket pacpl

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