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Thread: Suse 11.x requirements

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    Question Suse 11.x requirements

    I plan to upgrade from Suse 10.2 to 11.2 (when it's released), but before doing so, I like to ask if the new version still supports the following:

    - PCI WinTV card
    - Parallel Scanner (Epson Action Scanner II)
    - Wacom Intuos II tabled (serial)
    - NVidia Quadro II Pro
    - Sound Baster SBLive

    Computer to be installed on:

    P4 1.1 Ghz
    512 Kb RAm

    Those devices can be considere 'legacy' now.

    I plan to do a clean install but over the current installation so I don't have to reformat the current partitions before starting installation.

    Thank you.

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    > so I don't have to reformat the current partitions before starting
    > installation.

    what you describe is not recommended even if just moving from 10.2 to
    10.3, see

    you should plan on backing up all your data to a absolutely safe place
    (i recommend an OFF machine place), doing a format and install and
    then reintroducing your data into the system..

    and, while your cpu/ram meets the minimum requirements you might be very surprised at how
    resource hungry is openSUSE 11.2....especially if you load it down
    with KDE4 with spinning cubes and blinking candy..

    as for you TV, scanner, wacom, graphics and sound it is probably best
    for you to do that research yourself here in the forum
    <> and in the Hardware
    Compatibility List <>

    ps: there are LOTS of changes between 10.2 and 11.2, i'd suggest you
    first download and try out a Live CD with your hardware..


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    Default Re: Suse 11.x requirements

    I downloaded the live CD of 11.1, will try it. Altough don't know if it'll use the devices since installing them on Suse requires some manual setup.

    If it takes much more resources then I'll probably stay with 10.2 or find another distribution like Ubuntu, even if I never use any 'eye candy' like those you described.

    I work on hi-res graphics at print resolution (330dpi or higher) and only occasionally I feel the machine getting slow, but if 11.x will use more resources then it can affect my workflow.

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    Default Re: Suse 11.x requirements

    Latest Ubuntu or Fedora will give exactly the same problems if you run KDE4. Adding some RAM would help a lot, but 1.1 GHz is a bit low for any recent OS. You could think of choosing a light weight desktop, like XFCE or LXDE. There's Live-CD's for those as well.
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    Default Re: Suse 11.x requirements

    if it's KD4 and not the OS itself then I'll check if all those 'eye candy' can be turned off or simply use the previous version of KDE.

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    mhunt0 wrote:
    > if it's KD4 and not the OS itself then I'll check if all those 'eye
    > candy' can be turned off or simply use the previous version of KDE.

    depending on your needs and your hardware you may need to choose a
    less resource intensive desktop environment, like Gnome, Xfce, and
    there are now several others which take less....but i don't have their
    names on the tip of my fingers...

    and, you may even have to go to a smaller/lighter distribution than
    the big three (openSUSE, *buntu or Fedora) in that case here is my
    standard reply (copied from the posts of others, here and elsewhere):

    i've not actually run any of these more than a few minutes, but i hear
    they might do what you need:

    -SOAD Linux: Possibly the most light weight liveCD is a Russian
    effort based on openSUSE-11.1, where there is an "Enlightenment" live
    CD link to SOAD Linux, which is SuSE On A Diet Linux here: This Enlightentment desktop is
    supposed to be more light weight than either KDE, Gnome or XFCE.

    - Puppy Linux. <> Needs 64MB RAM for
    versions before 1.0.2. More recent versions need 128MB RAM and 166MHZ CPU

    - Elive <> (has Enlightenment window manager).
    Needs 100MHz CPU and 64MB of RAM for one of the older versions. More
    recent version needs a faster CPU and more RAM

    - DSL (D**N Small Linux).<http://www.****> needs 16MB
    RAM on a fast 486 CPU. But that will be slow!! Better off with 64 MB
    RAM and a Pentium with 200MHZ CPU

    - Vector Linux. <> Needs 32MB RAM and 166MHZ
    CPU. I suspect much more RAM is desirable.

    - AntiX 8.2 <> will run in
    128MB. It's based on MEPIS/Debian.

    -SliTaz <> When it runs, the 25 MB compressed CD
    image expands to about 80 MB, so any computer with 128 MB of RAM will
    be able to load it fully into memory, ensuring blazing fast program


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    Default Re: Suse 11.x requirements

    Thank you for the info on those distributions, I'll check them out, as long as the mentioned devices work, then it'll be ok.

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