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Thread: Keyboard State Applet gone in KDE4.3

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    Angry Keyboard State Applet gone in KDE4.3

    Since updating to KDE 4.3 the Keyboard State applet has disappeared. This was an applet that would indicate the states of keys such as Num-Lock, Shift Lock, Mouse, etc. It seems that inclusion of this important accessibility feature in the distribution has been an issue ever since KDE 4.1 came out.

    Under KDE 4.2 this feature is available as part of the package kde4-plasma-addons as, but it is missing from KDE4.3 in the package "plasma-addons".

    How can I go about obtaining this add-on in KDE4.3? It probably should not be included as a community "add-on" anyway but rather as a core component. I would not have upgraded to KDE 4.3 had I known that this accessibility feature was unavailable.

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    Default Re: Keyboard State Applet gone in KDE4.3

    * jpmullen,

    oh the joys of open source projects:


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