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Thread: [users] and [group] samba shares

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    Default [users] and [group] samba shares

    What are the [users] and [groups] shares in the smb.conf file good for?

    This is the content

    comment= All users
    path= /home
    read only = no
    inherit acls = yes
    veto files = /aquota.user/groups/shares/

    comment = All groups
    path = /home/groups
    read only = No
    inherit acls = yes


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    Default Re: [users] and [group] samba shares

    Here are some quotes about them:

    [users] Sharing the /home Directories to all Users: This share exposes the whole of the directories under /home on the server to users on the LAN who can supply any valid Linux username + Samba Password pair.

    Users can see other users' directories and have read/write access to their own directories. This is a lower security share that the [homes] share.

    Users on both Windows and Linux clients must authenticate (supply a correct username/Samba password). You can address these shares by drilling down in your network browser or by using the network addresses like smb://dell103/users or smb://dell103/users/a_username and also smb:// Of course, Windows has a slightly different version of this addressing too (e.g. \\dell103\users\john etc etc).
    [groups] A Share for all Users: This share is accessible to all users. You must create the directory, groups, specified by the path parameter. Create it as root under the directory /home.

    It will be a read-only share, great for sharing media or other archival files. If you want it to be a writable share you need to change the permissions on /home/groups from drwxr-xr-x to drwxrwxrwx. You can do that with the shell command sudo chmod 777 /home/groups.
    The quotes are from here: The Suse/openSUSE Default Shares
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