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Thread: no sound in firefox only

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    Default no sound in firefox only

    just wondering why i have no sound in firefox, yet everything else i have sound working fine, such as kaffeine, amaroK, vlc etc etc. any ideas?


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    Missing or non-working plugin? I've had occasional problems after an FF update where the plug-in no longer works. When I did the last major up-grade to FF 3.5, I had real problems with the mozilla-mplayer plugin. After checking out the latest thinking on Multimedia on this forum, I changed to using the mozilla-xine plugin and all has been well.

    There is still a bit of an issue with Flash-player which sometimes stops working on some sites. This seems to be due to sites which don't recognize Flash on Firefox on Linux (same site works fine with the same combination on Windows XP) bu usually restarting Firefox will fix that.

    The other problem I have is that I use NoScript (the best tool for catching malicious scripts), and it will stop some players started with Java or Javascript on the web page. This just needs that page added to the temporary white-list. If that works, and the page is OK you can enable it in No-Script.

    Web designers can be lax about coding and testing, so you can't win!

    PS Just look at your list of apps again. I have had problems with clashes between VLC & Xine, so I no longer use VLC, apart from some of the codecs from their repository. I find that Kaffeine with Xine will play anything if you have all the right codecs, and the mozilla-xine plug in extends that to FF. I don't use Amarok, and haven't bothered to install the UI for xine as I prefer Kaffeine.
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    Default Re: no sound in firefox only

    Some of us have had a problem with audio in flash in firefox not playing, where the solution was to keep "flash-player", but to remove "libflashsupport". You could give that a try (be certain to restart firefox afterward).

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    hi guys, thanks for the replies, i added a plug in and hey presto all ok now

    thanks again,


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    Can you please inform which plugin you've installed to solve the problem ?


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    i've since installed suse 11.2....i can't remember which plug in it was sorry! you do have flash installed yes?

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    Uninstalling libflashsupport did the trick for me

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