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Thread: Problem with keyboard layout

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    Default Problem with keyboard layout


    I have Suse Enterprise 11

    Sounds easy, but don't know how to solve: If I set my keyboard layout in "Computer -> YaST -> Keyboardlayout" then I can chose the correct layout and it works fine. As soon as I restart the computer the layout-setting is lost and I have my old (and wrong) keyboard layout. The point is that I say "Save settings" (or however it is called in the english version, I have the german) after quitting SAX2....

    The strange thing is also, that if I enter the conf. manager for keyboard layout and I enter some things in the testfield, the keyboardsettings are correct there... But in the terminal for example, I have the wrong settings..?

    How can I make sure that my keyboard layout really get stored???

    Thanks for every hint!

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