I recently had some point about Java development on OpenSuse in the
Beta-List, and it looks like I have to add another one.

I need the Java sources to add it to my IDE in order to get all
Javadoc-Codeassist. This is usually in a file called src.zip and after
some research I found out that on linux, this file is usually just
inside the jde folder.
Well, not in OpenSuse 11.2 were I installed the whole Java-thingy and no
source is available. In Kubuntu I could install a package Java-Source,
but I cannot find anything like that here.

Any advises.

P.S. my intention was to use my laptop as a machine to develop
especially because of all the nice features available via Yast. But I am
running in a lot of trouble recently, especially when it comes to usuablity.