I just installed suse on a compaw machine that had a hardrive failure. I'm not new to linx/unix as I've been running unix for 20 years at work and linux for 10, but it's all command line and no gui.

I have done some searches on font diplays on the desktop and gone throgh one tutorial but it didn't make a difference. The system recognizes the correct graphics card and monitor but I have display issues. The siz of the screen area is too large - even after using the monitors adjusting tools, and the rezolution changes don't seem to stick as if I reboot they go back to the prvious.

My fonts are almost unreadable. The tutorial I used recomemded changing some fonts but I don't have the fonts it recomended and I'm not sure how to install them. (Haven't found a font installer yet ont eh system)

I just installed this this morning and was very pleased that I've had no issues other than this. I've never had a windows install go as easily.

I even got the wireless internet working! (yay me)

Any hints or links to more font documentation is appeciated. I'm using the kbed(?not sure if name is right) desk top.