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Thread: My Take on Linux - Will it Ever Beat Windows?

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    Default Re: My Take on Linux - Will it Ever Beat Windows?

    One thing that occurred to me is this. Linux does not have a coherent

    MS struggles with that too, but with their latest attempt they may
    succeed in providing a unified user interface.

    For what ever reason, Linux does not catch on to the normal user and so
    MS&Apple still rule the desktop.
    To me thats fine. I have my Linux desktop working for me.

    Now with a new year starting, it will be interesting to see if we will
    see some

    One thing i wonder though. Will there every be another DE? It seems KDE or
    Gnome are the only choices. XFCE and LXDE are more or less the same just
    as pretty, but faster.
    Or Unity of course, but thats just for one distro so far.

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    Default Re: My Take on Linux - Will it Ever Beat Windows?

    On 10/17/2009 03:26 PM, wjwood64 wrote:
    > Yeah, yeah, yeah... take this for what it's worth, or flame me. Don't
    > really care, but here's my two cents worth...
    > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    > I've worked technology for 20 years, done SAP consulting in particular
    > since 1994. Started out as a CNE, then went MS.

    Unix since 1983. Never owned an x86 box until 1994 and then I bought it to run
    a Linux distro on it. I integrate with that "other" OS and even create seamless
    enviroments where the two can cooperate with one another giving most of the
    heavy lifting to Linux where expensive CALs (for example) are not present.

    > Here's my take on Linux:
    > 1. Spectacular product


    > 2. Not practical for use.

    Except that now the majority of servers running real world "things" like trading
    floors, factories, commerce are running Linux. Oh.. and don't forget those
    unsuccessful things like Android based mobile phones, routers, switches, load
    balancers, set top boxes, etc. Sorry about the heavy sarcasm... it's just that
    Linux is pretty much everywhere now.

    > 3. Will never effectively compete with MS until it can take over the
    > corporate desktop.

    I have worked for a Fortune 10 company where over 30,000 people voluntarily run
    the corporate provided Linux distribution (with the corporate software stack,
    apps, etc.).

    > 4. Can never take over the corporate desktop until the user experience
    > is less technical and simplified.

    Certainly there is more work to do. If there's a problem... it's that unlike
    the "other" OS, Linux continues to evolve at a very rapid pace. There's just
    more spirit behind the people that work on Linux and the applications... people
    who write code for no pay tend to have different priorities when it comes to
    quality. But with that said, constant change forces flexible design and
    flexible design can sometimes be the enemy of the person that just want to push
    a button and have something guess correctly 75% of the time (e.g. Windows).

    > That's it in a nutshell. I spend more time setting up, tweaking,
    > adjusting, and working through OS issues than I spend doing any kind of
    > productive work.

    Strange. Sure, there are definitely some situations where a Linux distro
    struggles... for example, a bleeding edge piece of equipment. My best advice is
    to do just a tiny bit of research before making purchases. That way you can be
    up and running without all of that "tweaking" or "adjusting". Will this problem
    go away? It goes away the day we no longer have patents, etc. :-)

    It's possible that we'll see better end user devices from the start in the
    future... it's just that hardware manufacturers have to make money too, and one
    of the way is by forcing software incompatibilities... nuff said.

    > Install was far better than previous versions, but still much further
    > to go. YAST repositories to a non-Linux user would be foreign, and even
    > being a tech consultant, the need to set up multiple repositories is a
    > pain.

    In general you don't need the other repositories until you are wanting to
    possibly violate some law (because of patents, copyrights, etc.). That's just
    going to have to be painful unless you want your favorite distro to get shot
    down in court one day (some of this has gotten "better", if you don't mind not
    using FOSS... read on).

    > The whole experience is very technical in nature, as a result adoption
    > by the average corporate or desktop user, which is what is needed to
    > promote widespread adoption won't happen until that is changed.

    In the case of mp3's and DVD CSS encryption, the wonderful folks at Fluendo have
    apparently made great strides in providing something generally usable by Linux
    distros. Open source? No. And again, back to that stupid patent, etc.
    problem. But at least there's something there. Is is that solution "good"?
    Certainly not as good as the plethora of "free but not very legal" solutions out

    I'll admit.. I like ripping my CDs... I like ripping my DVDs... my belief is
    that trying to circumvent that is the wrong approach to stopping the illegal
    distribution of copyrighted works. IMHO, it's my data, and if I want to back it
    up or create my own digital library on some device, I should be able to do that.
    I believe in crime prevention, but not at the loss of so many freedoms. I
    think there has to be a better medium. Right now the copyright and patent
    holders are using their "rights" to influence legislation that strips away
    freedoms.. time to take another look at all of that IMHO.

    > I've watched Linux for several years. Tried it out many times, and
    > this release (11.1) is certainly a huge advance, but there is still a
    > long way to go.

    11.1 is very old now. But in general, I liked that one. My main systems run
    11.4 right now... but I am playing with 12.1 (but may not move my main end
    devices until 12.2+?).

    > Great product but not ready for primetime for me.

    You're free to go with a non-free solution or even another free solution. Lots
    of choices out there.

    > Flame away all you want. That's what fascinates me the most. I've
    > seen others post genuinely thought provoking opinions, who have been
    > trashed... So be it.

    I have no problem with your comments. Everybody is entitled to an opinion.

    > Take it for what it's worth...
    > If you want to beat Microsoft, be realistic about simplifying the user
    > experience. After all, NO company, and NO individual gets an OS just
    > for the OS (except in the Linux world), they get it to serve as a bridge
    > to the applications and hardware they want to use.

    The fact that literally millions and millions of pieces of hardware are using
    Linux and NOT the "other" OS as their base OS means that not only has Linux won,
    it has won big. No offense, but the low margin high volume desktop space is
    possibly a dying breed really. Perhaps one day you'll plug in your mobile
    device (or even your physical self) and operate on software running somewhere
    else and you won't care what OS it's running on.... but I imagine you can guess
    what will likely be there and what won't be there behind the scenes.

    I remember when everyone had to have a "gaming machine" to play games... that
    era seems to be coming to a close now. People are switching to gaming systems
    instead. And not all of those run that "other" OS.

    > Simplify the user experience, find a way to make OS interaction
    > "transparent" and simple to the end user so they can focus on the tasks
    > that the OS enables and you will finally beat MS and take over the
    > desktop.

    I guess I need some examples on this one. I think that most things work pretty
    well. My wife runs openSUSE on her laptop and she's not very technical.

    > There is one last thing to consider that I have learned from all of the
    > large companies I've done consulting work for over the years, IT
    > maintenance. If it is a pain for the IT staff to maintain then it will
    > not be adopted.

    I guess so. But sometimes companies don't want to spend the millions and
    millions of dollars to supply the "other" OS to their employees when that
    "other" OS simply cannot be made to do "everything" desired by the company.

    You'd be surprised at how many people are actually frustrated with that "other"
    OS because it's so inflexible and let's face it, when it goes "bad" it usually
    goes "bad" in the worst way.. resulting in a lot of downtime for the end user.
    Sure, the process to "rebuild" may be well defined, but I don't think I've ever
    seen one of our end user Linux distro users ever "lose it all"... where I see
    that all the time with the "other" OS. And I can't tell you the number of times
    we've seen "well you can't do that", and the Linux users say, "well, we don't
    have that problem with Linux".

    > Simplicity is the name of the game. Linux distros are very powerful
    > OS's. Even with some of the great advances, and even some of the
    > especially useful features they are still a long way off being widely
    > adopted by the user community that will finally kill MS Windows.

    It's already killed it my friend. But if you're a true believer, I know you can
    buy stock in that "other" company... it's really cheap right now. If that
    "other" OS keeps focused on "simplicity", we'll move to a world that doesn't
    need a specific OS point at the end user even faster. So in a way, maybe they
    are moving the world to things like Linux (??).

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