I'm running openSUSE 11.1, with KDE 4.3.00. My Kopete, version 0.70.90, disconnects and reconnects to my jabber server several times a minute. I was just wondering if anyone knew of anything that would help alleviate the problem.

The jabber server, running the latest version of Openfire, is on the same gigabit subnet as the openSUSE machine in question. I can successfully connect to other IM services (MSN, Yahoo, etc) with no trouble. I also have no trouble with any other network service, from NFS to IMAP. I have other (Windows / Miranda IM) clients connecting to this same jabber server, all without trouble.

Any ideas? It drives me nuts, and it drives everyone else on my buddy list nuts too, as they see constant offline/online notifications for my user.

Help is naturally appreciated.