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    I am attempting to access files that are on my school server using sftp:// through nautilus. When I enter my password it wont accept it, but I know I am typing it correctly. Do I have to specify the port? if so how do I do that? Or is there a sftp client of OpenSuSe that I can use?

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    I use gftp for all transfer work, regardless of protocol. It should be included with the distro, and it's in the build repositories.

    You can get a better idea of what's going wrong by opening a console (terminal) and manually entering something like,

    ... where "" is the IP address or the name of the server. (Try it both ways.) Note that by default, it will log in as the current user. If you need to specify a particular username, use something like

    sftp -oUser MyUserName
    See "man sftp" at that same terminal prompt for more info. The error messages returned at a prompt should be very specific; if you continue to have trouble, post the results back here.

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