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Thread: mp3 player doesn't show under devices

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    Default mp3 player doesn't show under devices


    I have an mp3 player with a design flaw. During startup, it attempts to build a "media library" indexing its songs. The trouble is that some of the files on there are corrupt, so it will never complete this task. If I could mount the thing I could wipe the files, but it doesn't seem to be saying hello to udevd, and therefore doesn't show up on my device list.

    My question is, I know that udevd and friends ultimately create an entry in /dev. Is it possible for me to "forge" an entry or something like that, force this device to mount, and regain control?, or am I SOL?

    My last option will be to try to purge the memory and wipe the files on the player by interfacing it with a microwave oven. This will guarantee results, even if not positive ones.

    Thanks for your help or consideration!


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    Nevermind, I got it to mount, so the question is purely academic at this point. I had the case of the player open and shorted the memory with a screwdriver.

    Thanks anyway!

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