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Thread: Thumbs up to SUSE team

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    Today I found myself in a situation where I needed a re-install. I decided on whim to try Ubuntu Server, just to see what it was all about (people seem to rave about it lately). After going that route, I now appreciate YaST, and SUSE in general, far more than I did before.

    I'm by no means trying to start a war of words between myself and Ubuntu fans. It has it's pros. But I had so many problems with it, from quirky configuration issues to outright stability problems, I eventually gave up and went back with the tried-and-true SUSE that I know works.

    So this is a "thumbs up" to all of the people who develop and contribute to YaST and SUSE in general. You probably don't get near the credit you deserve.

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    Nice to hear Jason. We surely all agree with you.
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    Default Re: Thumbs up to SUSE team

    Agreed. Been thinking on trying Ubuntu because I might encounter it on my new job... but I couldn't miss Yast :-)

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