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Thread: ATI fglrx beta drivers

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    Default ATI fglrx beta drivers

    Is there opportunity to beta test prereleased fglrx drivers for 11.1 or factory builds?

    I'd like to do so. I have an HD 5870 that I cannot get running with fglrx and stream.

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    The 9.9 Catalyst drivers will install in M8; however, there are severe issues with Mesa and OpenGL applications (I have no idea what version of Mesa Novell and/or the openSuSE devs are including, but there is serious breakage with the 9.9 Catalysts). I can get compiz or KWin desktop effects to work, but I must use XRender (not the default OGL) for desktop effects Is there a workaround that will fix this issue, or, barring that, how does one get the best performance with the current (2D-only) open-source radeonhd or radeon drivers? (The reason why I said "2D-only" is that the open-source drivers do not support 3D on any HD series chipset, which means that HD2xxx and up are outta luck, and I have HD3450.)

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    Default Re: ATI fglrx beta drivers

    I haven't tried FGLRX since testing 11.2 (it didn't install on M4 and I haven't bothered since)...

    For M8 I had to pick up a radeonhd driver from Xorg-X11 FACTORY otherwise the screen was just too dim (no way to increase brightness)... Now it's fine except no 3D...

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