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    I've installed Apache using YaST, i did something wrong and wanted to start over, removed apache and yast-http server. removed /srv/www/htdocs.

    Installed yast-httpserver again and after installing the neccesary apache packages I expected the wizard. but it is not comming, just the normal yast config screen. I have to cerate the www directorys myself and find out on which netwoerk adapters apache should listen. Also the services is not recreated. (I removed all config files I could find hoping the wizard saws it and started by itself)

    So I want to use the wizzard, I found it in /usr/share/YaST2/include/http-server/ But how do I start it?

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    Default Re: start http wizard

    Did you try recreating the standard required folders, i.e. /srv/www/htdocs ?

    Which files did you remove? And why remove, not rename files/folders? Operating like this makes things 'altijd lastiger'.

    Is all this done on a recent install, then reinstall openSUSE, apache, yast2=httpserver and first use standard settings. Create a file in /srv/www/htdocs called index.html containing:

    Dit werkt al vast !!

    going to should display a page with 'Dit werkt al vast'.
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    Default Re: start http wizard

    I know how to manually make apache working. I just edit the config files. It is just that there is a wizard that can do this for me automatic but I don't know how to start the wizard. Why a wizard if you can not use it?

    there should be a command to start yast with this wizard.
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