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    I'm running 11.1 with gnome desktop.
    Had a radeon 9600 graphics card, but couldn't get it to work very well.
    Now back to using the SIS board card in the Acer desktop.
    I think for the best driver solution I should get a Nvida card.
    So, can anyone suggest what would be a good model to get.
    Computer, Acer Aspire, Celeron 2.8gz, 2g ram.
    Usage, video editing, youtube etc.

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    No need to go crazy $. I use Nvidia 8500GTwith current beta driver. Look after friends with 9800GT.
    Both flawless.
    I use manual install. Friend uses the repo's.
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    Anything from the G8 or G9 series. Beware though that some G8 cards do not support VDPAU and thus you can't decode video content on them. It's due to them using older GPU cores which are not compatible with VDPAU. GeForce 8800 Ultra, 8800 GTS, 8800 GTX do not support VDPAU.

    Also, for those interested, S3 Graphics have added VDPAU support to their Chrome 500 chips, specifically on 530GT and 540GTX chips, and to the Linux drivers they offer

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    Thanks very much for the info.
    I'm now armed with information to attack Ebay.

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